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Professional Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in New Jersey

Are you tired of having a leaky basement? Is your foundation causing problems throughout the entire home? Meridian Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is a certified contractor that specializes in sinking foundations, wet basements, deteriorating crawl spaces, and uneven concrete slabs. Using unique products and systems, we utilize each individual installation that directly repairs a specific problem. With each project we encounter, our team focuses on the important goals of structural stability, protection, and prevention of further damages. Through our services of basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and concrete leveling, we can make any compromised home a permanent, safe, and dry living space for years to come.

We have many excellent reviews and very satisfied customers, we continue to help homeowners with threatening symptoms that create impossible circumstances for your home and family. Also certified under New Jersey building codes and regulations, we can handle any structural repair accurately and safely.

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Why Choose Us?

Our company has been providing customers with quality installations, products, and systems, that achieve structural preservation and protection for your home. Like many aspects in life, your choices and actions decide the impact of your family's security. With basements, foundations, and crawl spaces, the elements that harm them are detrimental to your home. With accuracy, efficiency, and quality care, our company gives homeowners the opportunity for a safe environment throughout the years. This is still equally important for homes needing the proper repairs needed for real estate sales.

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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

There are many basement waterproofing companies in the market looking to provide the same service. However, we provide basement waterproofing with the complete arsenal of tools needed to address every aspect of water leaks, cracks, and flooding. Having access to several unique basement waterproofing systems, we can accommodate every penetration point and levels of rising water tables, no matter how far or close to the ocean you may be. Consider our services as a permanent solution to your wet basement problems with every vulnerability made impervious to further damages.

Basement Waterproofing

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundations are the most essential part of your home. Without a solid structure, the house deteriorates over time causing irreversible damages. With our foundation repair services you can expect quality care and precision to effectively realign any concrete structure. This includes foundation settlement, bowed walls, wall cracks, and concrete cracks of any kind. Using our reliable products and systems, your house foundation repair service becomes an easy task when executed properly. Our foundation repair contractors have years of experience and certified under New Jersey building codes and regulations.

Foundation Repair

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl space have a tendency of being vulnerable to the exterior elements. When not properly protected, different problems can occur causing serious structural, water, and health problems at the same time. We accommodate this with our trusted crawl space repair products and solutions that are guaranteed to work. Our remedies are shown through quality installations and accuracy. Providing crawl space encapsulation is the most popular of services, however we also offer sump pumps for water mitigation and crawl space supports for sagging floors. This makes us a full-spectrum contracting team.

Crawl Space Repair

Damaged Basement? Get Restoration

In the event of a major storm or situational flooding, basements can suffer expensive damages. If left untreated, this can be detrimental to your home. If your basement have become flooded or has experienced water damages, our team can help. As an all-inclusive contracting team for home contracting repairs, basements are part of our speciality. Waterproofing and repairs are irreplaceable, however basement restoration is the key to salvaging as much of your basement as possible. With our experienced contractors you can expect a different mind-set and protocol: save the basement, but restore the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: What does it mean when a basement wall is cracked?

Answer: Water that soaks into soil creates enormous amounts of pressure over time, pushing against basement walls from the outside.

 Question: How do you repair a sinking foundation or house?

Answer: We use a foundation system called piers, that lifts and stabilize your home using load-bearing rocks deeper underground. These act like 'stilts' for your home, and in many cases causes cracks to realign.

 Question: My basement is flooded or wet - what do I do?

Answer: The only solution for leaky basements with excess water is to install a drainage system. These drains do exactly what they sound like - drain water. Like a water-slide, they redirect water flow around your basement and into plumbing lines.

 Question: What's involved with repairing a crawl space?

Answer: There's two distinct types of repair: structural and waterproofing. For waterproofing we use drains and a sump pump just like our basement service. However, we also use something called vapor barriers, which are clear plastic 'wrappings' that line the floor, walls, and ceiling of the crawl space to keep water out.

Structural repairs consist of floor 'jacks' - support beams that hold the weight of your home and floor boards. If these are bent or broken, we replace them with stronger versions.

Bringing All Of New Jersey Professional Home Repair

We strive to be available to all homeowners throughout New Jersey. Basement water and foundation problems continue to erupt within our great state due to out location near the ocean. It's a natural effect.

This is why the Meridian team has pushed the limits and boundaries of generic service areas. If live in New Jersey, we can help you without our no-nonsense statewide services - we bring the cavalry to you!

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