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Water Damage? We Can Dry It!

New Jersey Water Damage Restoration

Water damage as the result of a flood or burst pipes can lead to permanent problems in any home or structure. This is why it is very important to work with a professional water damage restoration company to quickly assess the problem and begin the dry out process. Our team focuses on the ability to be the first on-site to handle the drying and working to solve the entire problem with your flooded space. We have 24 hour emergency response services and if you have a problem in the middle of the night, we can respond within an hour. We utilize a system of high powered dehumidifiers and blowers to quickly remove the standing water and begin the process of drying the entire structure.

When you have a flooded home, basement, or crawl space, there is a potential for there to be damage caused to the structural elements of the home. Whether this was caused by a broken or leaking pipes, leaks in the basement or crawl space, or a waste water issue, our water damage restoration team is here to help no matter when the problem happens.


Structural Drying

If you've had a flood, it is critical to begin the process of structural drying as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your home or building and stop the growth of mold before it starts. We have a certified IICRC technician that will respond to every water damage call who will evaluate the problem and work with you as well as the insurance company, if they are involved, to come up with the best plan for cleaning up the water and beginning the drying process.

We will focus on finding all of the water as soon as possible to prevent the need for tearing out and replacing damaged areas. If we can fully dry the area quickly enough, this will not only prevent damage and mold but reduce the cost of getting your life back to normal after a flood. If we are unable to get to the problem quickly, we also offer comprehensive mold testing and removal services, basement waterproofing, and full restoration services if needed.

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