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Mold In Your Home? Get It Removed

New Jersey Mold Remediation & Removal Services

Mold is a common problem in New Jersey due to proximity to the ocean. Moisture and humidity give mold the necessary means for growth while incubating and spreading throughout your home. For Meridian Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we provide mold remediation services that encompass your home from start to finish. Our objective is removing mold from the source of growth, eliminating the 'roots' of mold wherever it grows. This includes basements, crawl spaces, attics, and bedrooms. Our restoration process is accurate and efficient by purging infections in hard to reach places such as behind floorboards and walls.

Mold Remediation

Removing Mold At The Source

It can be difficult to remove all traces of mold, especially on your own. However, our team uses unique mold remediation methods that are precise in the purging process. Cleaning mold that is visible is quite easy, however, mold can grow in-between spaces that are unseen which makes DIY almost impossible. This goes without saying if you don't have the right solvents to destroy mold, it will never go away. We use chemical compounds that eliminate mold particles and roots on a molecular level.

Free Estimates(848) 221-1009

Types Of Mold We Handle

Surface & Internal

Surface mold is the visible mold that you can see. Internal mold is where the infection has spread inside walls, floors, ceilings, and any organic material it can thrive on.

Basement Mold

We remove all traces of basement mold by apprehending the root causes. In most cases this is caused by a water problem which can also be addressed.

Crawl Space Mold

Crawl space mold is very common due to it's natural exposure to dirt, water, and soil. We remove mold in key areas that threaten your home and can provide further protection.

Attic Mold

If you have attic mold, we can provide thorough remediation. This includes the floor boards that breach your ceiling underneath, wood supports, and any drywall.

Our Mold Removal & Cleaning Products


Our team at Meridian Foundation Repair & Waterproofing uses products by Benefect, a leading manufacturer of mold removal and mold disinfectant products. These products help us to remove, disinfect, and prevent future mold growth in your home. To learn more about the Benefect products we use check out the PDF's below.


A newer method of removing mold is through the use of sodablasting. This is a much less damaging method of abrasive blasting which uses sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda (hence the name sodablasting), particles and compressed air to carefully clean and deodorize areas affected by mold. This is a very effective method that does not cause damage to the surface but is able to carefully and completely strip off mold and mildew growth.

Many other companies will cover the mold or hide it using encapsulation materials which does not solve the problem. The mold remains behind which can lead to future wood rot issues. Using the sodablasting technique, the mold is physically removed from the area and when combined with an encapsulation system and humidity control products, mold regrowth can be prevented.

Moldy Wood Before Sodablasting
Moldy Wood Before Sodablasting
Moldy Wood AfterSodablasting
Moldy Wood After Sodablasting
Fire and Smoke Damaged Concrete Before Sodablasting
Fire and Smoke Damaged Concrete Before Sodablasting
Fire and Smoke Damaged Concrete After Sodablasting
Fire and Smoke Damaged Concrete After Sodablasting

Removing Mold The Correct Way

The First Step: Mold Inspection

With every mold removal project, we must first assess the situation. We give a thorough mold inspection before providing any type of work. Within this initial assessment, we determine the type of mold strain, color, amount of spread, and causes of growth. This allow us to accurately remove any mold substance.

The Last Step: Removing The Mold

In order to remove mold the correct way, our inspection will help us determine the type of solvents to use. These solvents will 'eat away' at mold and cleanse the infected object or surface. Depending on the inspection results, we will use different solvents or multiple uses of solvents in combination to ensure quality cleansing and remediation.

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Mold Remediation Is Also Restoration

Our goal is to salvage your home, not destroy it. Where infections of mold have spread throughout your home we do our best to restore your walls, floors, furniture, and personal belongings. The mold remediation process we use allows us to complete full restoration for your home. Purging mold from your home is no easy task, which is why we strictly include an inspection before each project. If a situation presents itself where certain objects of parts of the house cannot be salvaged, we can rebuilt accordingly. These types of situations are rare, however we do have the tools and experience to do so.