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Walls Caving In? Let's Realign It

Wall Anchors - Bowed Wall Repair Solutions

Do you have a bowed basement wall? Noticing certain bulges and cracks on the concrete surface? This is a bowed wall - commonly found in basements with lack of waterproofing systems. As water builds up along the exterior of your basement wall (within the soil), pressure begins to build. This is called hydrostatic pressure which over time continues to press against your basement wall. To repair this problem, we use wall anchors and wall support systems that counteract this applied force. During the bowed wall repair service your concrete walls will not only be realigned back into place, but also permanently held down through the anchors and brace-plates.

Free Estimates(848) 221-1009

SafeBase™ Wall Anchors

The SafeBase™ Wall Anchors are a modern structural realignment product that corrects bowing basement walls. We drill a steel rod through the interior basement wall, digging through the exterior dirt and soil on the outside of your home underground. We then insert a steel plate that is attached basement wall and the drilled steel rod. On the outside of the home within your yard, we drill a steel plate that will be attached the rod deep underground. Once everything is connected, we tighten the interior plate applying pressure that pulls the interior wall back into alignment.

SafeBase™ Wall Support System

The SafeBase™ Wall Support System uses the same principles as the wall anchor. The added benefit is to increase further stability on a wider scale. It can be used in extreme cases of severe bowed walls, compromised foundations that standard wall anchors cannot support, and heavier loads for larger structures and homes. If you're looking for the ultimate tool for bowed wall repair and protection, our wall support system will deliver.