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Foundation Repair

Our team at Meridian Foundation Repair & Waterproofing offers professional foundation piering and foundation settlement repair services for home and business owners in East Brunswick, Toms River, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey. Our team specializes in stabilizing homes and businesses no matter the size and lifting sunken buildings back to their original location. Foundation settlement is a problem that is common in New Jersey due to the soil conditions and heavy rainfall that we experience every year. Our team of experts is qualified to inspect your home for foundation damage such as bowed walls, cracked foundations, and foundation settlement. We can give you a free estimate on repair services that is not only affordable but is also the right solution to get your house repaired quickly.

How To Tell When Your Foundation Is Sinking

Besides the obvious, your home is settled at a noticeable angle, there are a variety of ways that you can tell whether or not your foundation is sinking. Foundation settlement can have a variety of effects on your home, from cracked walls to sticky doors and windows. Regularly inspecting the interior and exterior of your home can help you catch any foundation problems early. Take a look below to see what type of issues are common when you are experiencing foundation settlement.

  1. Wall Cracks: One of the easiest to spot signs of foundation settlement is wall cracks. These can appear either in the foundation or in the drywall on the main floors of your home. Keep an eye out for these cracks as they can be a sign of serious settlement issues.

  2. Stairstep Cracks: Stairstep cracks are much like wall cracks in that they are easy to spot. Stairstep cracks are named after what they look like stairs. They most often occur on homes with brick walls as the mortar between the bricks is usually the weakest point.

  3. Water Intrusion: Water intrusion is a common problems on homes or businesses with a sinking foundation. The sinking of your foundation can open cracks in your foundation or separate the floor from the wall of your basement. This leaves areas where water can enter your home or business and cause other damages. We also offer professional basement waterproofing services to help combat water intrusion in homes and businesses.

  4. Stickey Windows or Doors: Sticky windows and doors can be an early indicator of foundation settlement issues. A sinking home or business will often slightly deform causing the openings for windows and doors to become tighter. this can make them harder to open or even unopenable at times.

How We Repair & Prevent Foundation Sinking

Our team uses a patented piering system from SafeBasementsTM which is designed to provide a stable support system for any home or business that is experiencing foundation settlement. These foundation piers are also used to raise any sunken buildings back to their original level. In addition to this, we can install foundation piers on new construction to help prevent any potential foundation settlement the building may experience in the future. Having these piers installed usually takes very little time and our team can be in and out fo your property quickly.

If you have foundation settlement issues at your home or business contact our experts for a free inspection and estimate.

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Foundation Settlement FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: How can you tell if your home is sinking or settling?

Answer: In most cases you'll notice a crack in certain areas of your foundation. These cracks are produced by stress within the concrete, where one part of the foundation is secured at a certain leveling point and another part is not. It's hard to describe in words, but in a 3-dimensional plane: if one point moves and the other does not, this causes a break in between the points.

 Question: What's the difference between a basement wall crack and a foundation wall crack?

Answer: In some cases they are described the same in layman's terms. Technically, a basement wall is a foundation wall, whereas the basement wall is the foundation of which your home rests on. Sometimes foundation wall cracks are describing cracks in the wall portion of your foundation (even if you don't have a basement). It can be complicated to understand, however the solutions are usually the same: foundation pier for foundation cracks, and wall anchors for basement wall cracks.

 Question: I have cracks on the walls in my home (not concrete). What do I do?

Answer: This a definite sign of foundation settlement. While sinking foundations usually harm the concrete, if the problem has persisted for too long or the circumstance has presented a huge shift in soil, it can effect your home's interior. This can also result in 'sticking' or 'stuck' windows and doors. This is caused by the frame of these object being compromised as the house shifts in different angles.

 Question: What are bowed walls? Isn't that the same thing as wall cracks?

Answer: Actually, they are relatively similar. Some cases present themselves as wall cracks for sinking foundation problems, while other wall cracks are caused by exterior soil pressure. As this pressure builds, it presses against the basement wall causing it to bow inwards. This is what causes the wall to crack. In most cases you won't be able to see the bowing until the problem presists over long periods of time.

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If you are in need of foundation repair, foundation settlement repair, or foundation crack repair our team can help. We offer professional foundation services for both home and business owners in New Jersey. Contact our experts today by filling out our online contact form or by calling (848) 221-1009 to schedule your free inspection and estimate.