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Cracked Concrete? Seal Them Up!

Carbon Fibers - Concrete & Wall Crack Repair Solutions

Sometimes mason or poured concrete basement walls can become cracked and compromised. This ultimately threatens your home's structural integrity, and over time can become the downfall of more expensive repairs. Don't let this problem get worse! Our carbon fibers are designed to address common symptoms of concrete cracks by repairing, sealing, and realigning walls back into place. Wall crack repair has never been easier with our structurally advanced carbon fiber supports and epoxies that deliver results. This also can address bowed walls much like our wall anchors without the invasiveness.

Free Estimates(848) 221-1009

Rhino Carbon Fiber®

Rhino Carbon Fiber® treatment specifically repairs concrete wall cracks. This basement wall repair system uses a combination of epoxy injections within concrete cracks to solidify the hold between slabs, while the carbon fiber support strips apply counter-active pressure to realign the wall back into place. When finished, carbon fiber will hold the structural weight while the epoxy ensures waterproofing within the cracks.

Rhino Concrete Crack Lock™

The Crack Lock™ is a revolutionary design for concrete slab crack repair in certain situations where carbon fibers will not work effectively. This product uses a 'staple-like' design to grab and pull different sides of the crack together, into one solid piece. The product is 10 times stronger than steel, and when administered it will permanently hold concrete slabs in place.