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Floors Unstable? Regain Stability

Crawl Space Supports - Sagging Floor Repair Solutions

When your floor supports have failed, it's usually a crawl space problem. Underneath your home is a vacant area that holds the weight of your home. Certain elements such as water, mold, and pressure, can cause your support beams to fail - causing massive damages over time. With our crawl space supports, we replace the pre-construction support beams with our stronger, more durable stabilizers. This the ultimate tool for sagging floor repairs within your home. Our products deliver the results your looking for in realignment while holding strong for decades. This investment in your home is important, and we provide only the best for our customers.

Crawl Space Supports

Free Estimates(848) 221-1009

SafeBase™ Floor Stabilizers

Our solution is simple - use stronger materials! Many homes are constructed using concrete or mason 'stilts' on the interior layout of the crawl space. With exposure to external elements, these supports can wither and crumble over time causing sagging floors. With the SafeBase™ Floor Stabilizers we use steel components that are stronger than the concrete and wood materials being lifted. When natural shifting soil conditions occur and destabilize your entire home, our crawl space supports can be adjusted to realign and level once again.

Galvanized Solutions for Rust

While normally introducing metal into water-vulnerable spaces is bad, our product has an invulnerable aspect: galvanized metal parts. While your ordinary crawl space jacks can become compromised from natural water vapors in the air, our support joists are protected indefinitely.

If you're considering waterproofing your crawl space, we also offer encapsulation services. Our floor joists are not only impervious to rust, having an encapsulated crawl space that blocks vapor and moisture makes your area completely sealed.