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Bad Crawl Space? Let's Patch It Up

Crawl Space Repair Services for New Jersey Residents

Our priorities for home repairs is to provide the absolute best accommodations for correcting structural and water-based damages. Crawl spaces are no different - where lack of a basement underneath your home makes this space a very important part of the long-term sustainability. In New Jersey, homes are more susceptible to water and soil problems by being so close to the ocean. We have a natural moisture aspect in the atmosphere that poses problems for soil, while the humidity and vapor in the air creates mold problems. That's why our team treated crawl space repair services as equally important as foundations.

Crawl Space Repair

Getting Crawl Space Problems Fixed Permanently

To address crawl space problems at the source creates a more permanent solution. Our team specializes in treating crawl spaces like a basement or foundation - assessing the interior and exterior issues, analyzing the damages, and recommending the best course of action. Proper protection of your crawl space ensures a longer life-span of your home by warding off structural deterioration, water damages, and mold growth that is harmful to your family.

Free Estimates(848) 221-1009

Crawl Space Problems We Correct

Mold Problems

Mold is like a plague on homes. Once grown, it spreads and eats away at wood, drywall, and concrete in the process. We remove the mold and provide counter-measures.

Sagging Floors

Sagging floors come from wood rot or deterioration (from mold). Installing replacement floor supports will sustain your home, while removing mold will prolong it.

Wet Crawl Space

Excessive amounts of water is particularly harmful to your crawl space. Installing a waterproofing system and vapor barriers help alleviate water and moisture problems.

Critters & More

An unhealthy crawl space left untreated invites unwanted guests like critters, bugs, rodents, and mold. We use our encapsulation system to create a barrier of protection.

Crawl Space Repair Systems & Products

Durable Systems That Endure

With crawl spaces being a very harsh environment, it can be difficult to properly protect. That's why we use durable vapor barriers that can withstand earth, water, and humidity levels at any range of extremity. Along with that, we use sump pumps that can work in any environment, and floor supports that act like foundation piers for your home.

SafeBasements™: A Trusted Name

After many years of experience, we have learned to trust SafeBasements™ products. The crawl space encapsulation is highly durable, while the floor supports and sump pumps are indefinite to their role when repairing crawl spaces.

Need Encapsulation? Get Vapor Barriers

In Most Cases, Encapsulation Is Preferred

While you may need a sump pump or new floor supports, the main threat that causes crawl spaces to become damaged is mold. Water can be a big contributor as well, however the after-effects of water and damp environments is where mold comes into play. Mold eats away at wood, concrete, and floors insulation - making it the biggest threat. In most cases, a crawl space encapsulation is the best solution to prevent and treat these symptoms. This is accomplished by installing and lining your crawl space with vapor barriers, effecitvely sealing it off from outside influences.