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Basement Drainage Systems - Wet Basement Solutions

For absolution in wet basement waterproofing solutions, we turn to our prized products by SafeBasements™. Our basement drainage systems will alleviate water pressure and rising water tables to by redirecting the water. This process is called water mitigation - where the water travels through our pipes and trenches into pump or exterior. The drains will address any problems with excessive amounts of water. Whether you're experiencing floods, leaks, or small drips, these waterproofing systems are proven to work.

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The SafeEdge™ comes in several parts for bitter fitting within different types of basement layouts. It's patented design with a rubber seal on the back presses against the wall to aid in preventing moisture, vapor, and soil gasses from entering your home. This helps create healthy air in your home, prevents mold, and water build-up.

How It Works

Once installed, it's basic function is to take incoming moisture at the cove joint (the area where the wall and floor meet) and redirect it. The redirections is diverted underneath the concrete slab into a drain tile system. This drain til system is installed alongside the base of the concrete foundation.



The SafeDrain™ has a lower profile and wider design to allow a thicker layer of concrete be placed on top during excavation. This allows more water flow while reducing hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is one of the main causes of wet basements: build-up of water and soil. This this product, we can mitigate water and protect your concrete.

Why Is Hydrostatic Pressure Bad?

Hydrostatic pressure causes many problems for your home. It's a combination of water and soil pressure that builds and presses against concrete. Too much pressure over time results in concrete cracks and leaks. If you're looking for basement waterproofing, the SafeDrain™ is a good accommodation for hydrostatic problems.



The SafeTrack™ is the only system that does not require excavation. It's design to address basement wall water problems from exterior water build-up. Drilling tiny holes into the base of the concrete footing is the only semi-destructive measures used. Aside from that, no excavation will be required, and still proves to be an efficient water mitigation system.

Is SafeTrack™ Safe?

Some homeowners speculate on this product for the non-intrusive installation. However, with our methods and installation procedures this system does mitigate water properly. It has the same water-diverting effects as SafeDrain™ and SafeEdge™, but without the hassles of concrete excavation and reapplication.

Multi-flow Drain Tile™

Multi-flow Drain Tile™

This system is designed to to handle excessive amounts of water in 5 slow and steady stages. Where other waterproofing systems can handle water leaks, the Multi-flow Drain Tile™ is installed in addition to one of our other systems. It handles extreme rising water tables and potential flooding.

Where Is It Installed?

We complete further excavation, digging deeper underneath the footer of the concrete. We then lay and attach the drain pipes, directing to a sump pump. When finished, we pour gravel and backfill the gap until level. We then install the chosen waterproofing system and complete the concrete re-pour.