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Meridian believes in thorough installations and services that will address the source of problems. If you have a wet or leaky basement, it can be hard finding the right contractor that will carefully handle all aspects of your basement waterproofing. Luckily, our contractors are a trusted name in the great state of New Jersey. With efficient water drainage systems, quality installations, professional excavations when necessary, and extreme attention to detail, the Meridian team guarantees wet basement waterproofing solutions that work. Our goal? To ensure a tightly-sealed dry basement for decades.

How We Do Wet Basement Waterproofing

Our contractors understand the very basis of wet basement waterproofing: sealing the holes, gaps, and cracks, and installing a means for better home sustainability through proper drainage and water mitigation away from your important structures. This includes concrete walls, floors, and support beams, as well as exterior concrete and foundations. By installing an efficient basement waterproofing system, your home has better protection against water damages and concrete deterioration. It's that simple.

Free Estimates(848) 221-1009

Water Problems That We Address

Wall Cracks & Leaks

Leaking wall cracks need two things: a waterproofing system to alleviate the water/soil pressure that caused the crack, and a sealing agent.

Floor Leaks

Cracks in the concrete floor will need further assessment. This could be a foundation problem in addition to waterproofing.

Flooded Drains

The single floor drain in your basement can be overwhelmed, causing flooding. A waterproofing system alleviates the excess water.

Object Leaks

Plumbing, windows, and other objects that are leaking can be fixed in combination with waterproofing and sealing.

Basement Waterproofing Systems & Products

The Trusted Systems We Use

In order to address a basement waterproofing problem, we need to install a waterproofing system to redirect the excess water. These consist of our stream of products including interior drain tiles, interior drain trenches, sump pumps, sump baskets, exterior drain pipes, and dehumidifiers.

We Only Use Reliable Brands

Given our track record of customer approval and appreciation, we use basement waterproofing systems that actually work. In our years of experience we have sifted through all of the manufacturing companies to determine one single brand to count on: SafeBasements™.

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The Most Common Issues of Waterproofing: Interior

Perhaps the most common problems associated with waterproofing is the interior. While exterior factors play an important role in the deterioration of your walls and floors, it's the interior of your basement that needs addressing first. By improving the flow of water and redirecting it properly, your basement has already achieved the first step to protection. Waterproofing basement walls from inside is essential to a full recovery, whereas the aftermath of water damages that have already occurred can be addressed with our foundation repair specialists. All of these services ensure that your home and basement has a long life expectancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: What's so bad about wet basements? Is it that dangerous?

Answer: Wet, leaky basements are prone to deteriorate your home from the inside out. As water leaks into the basement, the concrete floors, walls, and supporting structures eventually withers down. This leads to structural problems that threaten your home's survival. In addition to structural problems, damp environments in your basement spark growths of mold which effects wooden materials such as floor boards - eventually growing into other areas of your home.

 Question: Are concrete cracks related to waterproofing problems?

Answer: Absolutely! There is often an overlap in symptoms, where a water problem causes a concrete problem, and vice versa. This is why our team provides both foundation repair and basement waterproofing to repair every aspect of your home's needs.

 Question: What do you do with basement flooding?

Answer: We advise contacting a specialist immediately. In situations where the excessive amounts of water have gone beyond standard leaks, it's important to address the issue immediately but safely as well. It's also important to have basement flooding repair before real damages present themselves in other areas of the home.

 Question: What about window wells and leaks coming from top (outside) of the wall?

Answer: This is another concern of exterior waterproofing that needs to be addressed. While the interior can help with subterranean leaks, water that has risen above ground level can seep through your windows and over your basement walls. We handle these aspects as well!

 Question: I already have a sump pump. Why is my basement still wet?

Answer: In some rare cases, a simple sump pump will be installed to help your pre-integrated flood drain (usually in the center of the room). While this can help, it does not address the initial problem. Having a waterproofing drain system to mitigate and direct water away from your walls and floors is equally important as having a sump pump. Having a drain system flow water directly to the sump pump is even better!